Email Ping Pong was created by me, Erik Näslund. I got the idea after realising that I had misconfigured my own email slightly, which caused delivery to fail to some recipients (not all).

SPF, DKIM and DMARC checkers are really valuable tools. So valuable that we decided to collect a few links to some of them on our other tools page. However, there are two main problems with them:

  • It can be hard to get a 100% green test based on your email provider.
  • These checkers do a great job, but you can still misconfigure things in ways they don't detect.

Because of this it's always a bit uncertain if the emails you're sending are really reaching their recipients. Lets face it - the only way to be really certain is to try sending and receiving emails.

I created Email Ping Pong to have a way to do just that. A tool which would verify that I could send and receive emails reliably, to multiple different email providers (GMail, Outlook, ...). What works for one provider doesn't necessarily work for another, and this is the exact reason why it's so important to test your email setup using something like Email Ping Pong.